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PADI Advanced Open Water DiverPADI EANx
In 2005 I realized a dream of becoming a certified SCUBA diver. I have been following the sport for several years but never found the time to accomplish it. One thing I have noticed that some information is scarce and some is scattered around the internet and at times those sites go away. The data contained here is info I have collected and gleaned from several sources and websites that cease to exist. This was put here for my reference so I thought it appropriate to publish its existence.


It is worth noting that SCUBA diving is a dangerous sport if done incorrectly. The info contained on these pages although from reliable sources can get you killed! I am not a Medical Doctor I am a Unix/Network Administrator please keep that in mind as you find info here.


Dive Summary

Surface Interval

Bottom Time: 28Hrs
Dives: 51
Max Depth: 110fsw