Beagle Issues

Well I had to shoot snoopy.... There is an application called Beagle that indexes your personal space on your computer to make it easy to search for certain information.

It appears that forefox makes use of the index. Several days ago firefox started hanging whenever I would do any function that read the disk. I deleted the mozilla directory and even purged the tmp directory with out any success. Then I deleted the .beagle directory and immediately the problem was fixed.

Now, I have an older, slower computer and to save resources I have thought about removing beagle since I do not use it. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a nice project for some, just not for me. And I am sure the issues have more to do with the slowness of my computer than the stability of the project. To remove it I simply typed:

rpm -q -a | grep beagle | xargs rpm -e

We will see if my action has any negative impact.